container homes

shipping containers for affordable housing

Types of Shipping Containers

Shipping container units make up an integral part of the global shipping industry, trade, and international transport. Today, however, shipping containers are also used popularly for the construction of affordable shipping container homes. So, there are different shipping container types that vary based on their structure, materials used for construction, size and dimensions. It is …

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shipping container home foundations

Shipping Container Home Foundations

It’s important to learn about container home foundations since shipping container homes are becoming more and more popular. This is true as their benefits become more apparent to homeowners. Not only are container homes trendy, but with over 14 million shipping containers in the world currently out of service, there are plenty of containers waiting …

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container home in Kenya

How to Construct a Shipping Container Home in Kenya

Introduction To Container Homes in Kenya Shipping containers are made of robust steel that is not only durable, but also weather resistant. That makes them inhabitable with the perfect modification into a shipping container home. For some time now, people have been resistant to constructing such homes. But people are starting to open up to …

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