shipping container homes

shipping container home foundations

Shipping Container Home Foundations

It’s important to learn about container home foundations since shipping container homes are becoming more and more popular. This is true as their benefits become more apparent to homeowners. Not only are container homes trendy, but with over 14 million shipping containers in the world currently out of service, there are plenty of containers waiting …

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history of shipping containers

A Brief History of Shipping Containers

Our article today will cover the history of shipping containers. We’ll look at how modern shipping containers have come a long way since their advent. And how they have contributed to the global economy and also the building of affordable houses. The birth of the shipping container may seem trivial to some, but this revolutionary …

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Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing in Kenya

Could shipping containers be the answer to Agenda Four’s affordable housing project? While Kenya has seen a considerable rise in the luxury and upscale residential housing, there remains a shortage of affordable dwellings across many parts of the country. The demand for affordable housing is predicted to increase over the next couple of years as …

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shipping container office

How to Insulate a Shipping Container Home

Today we’ll look at how to properly insulate a shipping container home. Shipping containers have evolved from just being transportation tools to efficient shipping container homes. But in order for such a transformation to be complete, the containers need to be insulated. This will give them the perfect finish and allow for climate control. The …

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low-cost house

Pros and Cons of Shipping Container Homes

Today, we will cover the pros and cons of shipping container homes. The idea of shipping container homes only started to touch base a few years ago. Most would only see a cargo container as a transportation tool and nothing more. But with this new revolution, shipping containers have immensely changed the world of architecture …

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container home in Kenya

How to Construct a Shipping Container Home in Kenya

Introduction To Container Homes in Kenya Shipping containers are made of robust steel that is not only durable, but also weather resistant. That makes them inhabitable with the perfect modification into a shipping container home. For some time now, people have been resistant to constructing such homes. But people are starting to open up to …

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Tools for cutting shipping containers

The Best Tools for Cutting Shipping Containers

A growing number of people are making the move towards shipping container homes. The beauty, architecture, and modification require metalwork for it to be possible. Here’s a comprehensive guide to some of the best tools for cutting shipping containers. Container modification requires both hand and power tools to effectively and efficiently transform a container to …

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